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Rare Japanese NFTs gather important and accurate information for unique historical
NFT collections in Japan.

Why do historical Japanese
NFTs matter?

Japan was one of the key markets through the NFT’s emergence era between 2015 and 2017.
Not only did Japanese artists leave their marks in the Rare Pepe collection,
but also a set of original NFT collections came out of Japan in very early days.

Now, the concept of historical collectibles on blockchain is established,
historical Japanese NFTs offer interesting,
fun and unique opportunities for serious and casual collectors alike.

Historical Japanese NFT Collections

Japanese Pepe

Rare Pepe is the most iconic historical NFT collection. Many Japanese artists have also participated in this movement and left a lot of unique art to the world.

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Memorychain is the most popular historical Japanese NFT collection born in 2017. Its motto is “leave memories on the blockchain” and each card is based on the real events and projects in the industry at the time.

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Oasis Mining

Oasis Mining spinned off from Memorychain in July 2017 and gave even more freedom of expression to artists. It features many Japanese-style original crypto characters.

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BitGirls is a special NFT collection that’s linked to a real TV show in 2016. The show itself ended a long time ago, but its unique token system and the concept of making blockchain collectibles based on real idols still fascinate.

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Force of Will

Force of Will is the second game title to tokenize game items on the blockchain in 2016 only after Spells of Genesis. It was also the first case of an established game brand entering the NFT space.

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Japanese SoG

Spells of Genesis(SoG) was the first game to tokenize game items on blockchain and a true innovator in the NFT history. Japan was an important market for SoG in very early days and several SoG cards are based on events or projects in Japan.

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Japanese Corn

Bitcorn is an NFT game around the yellow corn meme started in 2018. Some Japanese artists also contributed and made some characteristic NFTs with a lot of love for corn.

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Badger Capsule

Badger Capsule was organized in order to celebrate the NFT breakout in 2021 as well as the early NFT history in Japan. It also experimented with minting the same design NFT across multiple blockchains.

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Japanese NFT Collections